The Rialto (91)                                                                 Poetasters’ Cant

                                                                                           The Cottage

The Caterpillar (23)                                                         Sensible Shoes

The Forward Book of Poetry 2019                                Return of the discotheque dancers   Read Poem

Smoke                                                                                Apple

Nine Lives (anthology)                                                    Into the frying pan

                                                                                           Some rules on villanelles

                                                                                            Coalscar Lake

The ‘C’ Word (anthology – Poets                                  Stubborn cow

Supporting the fight against cancer)                            Great Aunt Rosalind

Pratik                                                                                  Back to where we came from

                                                                                            Old Yorkshire cobbles

Some Cannot Be Caught:                                               Zebra on East 55th and 3rd
The Emma Press Book of Beasts

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Published in spring 2019, Zebra went to a second print run just eight weeks after its launch. The Yorkshire Times said of the book, ‘In all of its magnificent bounty Zebra must be one of the poetry collections of 2019.’

‘Return of the discotheque dancers’, a celebration of lives lost to AIDS in the early years of the disease, was Highly Commended in the Forward Prizes for Poetry 2018.

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